What Students Say about the Major

"LLSO provides the perfect environment to rigorously explore the gravity of law and legal systems without necessitating a future career in law. It is a distinctive program that knits together a variety of disciplines, with classes that tackle subjects ranging from case law to the American classics. Its multidisciplinary nature allows students to delve into a variety of interests while pursuing a challenging course of study." - Chloe B.

"I think the camaraderie of the major is next to none. You really get to know everyone, which helps you understand their point of view better than a larger or impersonal major would allow you to. The program introduces you not only to others who you can relate to academically or based on your goals, but challenges the assumptions you have about education and about the reasoning others employ. The major truly enriched my understanding of those around me by illuminating things I had not previously seen and explaining viewpoints which at one point seemed inconceivable to me." - Kegan W.

"My friend and I often joke that the major should really be called Law, Letters, _______, and Society; the major really is a bit of a choose your own adventure. I would strongly encourage anyone with a defined academic interest, and an interest in the law, to apply. Your ability to create a schedule that allows you to really interrogate the questions that fascinate you is enormous. I highly recommend." - Peter B.

"I chose LLSO because it provides a more customizable UChicago experience. The few required courses are practical, especially Legal Reasoning; the focus field lets me explore ideas from any relevant department. This ease in academics has opened up many extracurricular opportunities for me, helping me achieve a balanced student life." - Aman M.